Different props for different folks

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One heavily relied on a police car and a mini Barbie.  Barbie was embroiled in a lot of legal trouble.  The other involved several cars and a dinosaur, hollowed out by years of roaming and driving around.


Orange, the other fruit

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We’re back to business as almost usual again tomorrow.  I feel changed by time off playing with 2 chemistry sets and a jewellery making kit and by melting crayons back into new crayons (marketing genuis).  I have been forced not to go the usual alcohol, sugar/fat route this Christmas due to a bad cold.  My kids have had a captive audience.  Tomorrow will be that same as before but a wee bit different somehow.

A new version everyday.


I am constantly confronted by the emerging versions of my kids through their art and through their language.  Through these discoveries, my awareness of my own versions that despite my age and my day job, continue to emerge.  Here I write about those discoveries.